Sunday, August 8, 2010

My little shed

Inspired by Tales of a Junkaholic's fab shed to studio makeover, I decided it was time to give my poor, neglected shed some attention. For the three years we've been in our house, our shed has been a contestant for a gardening shed, man room and even a miniature brewery, but these things must not have been in it's future, because last week it was clear that it was destined to be my very own little place to create. My sewing machine will finally have a home!

This weekend was the start of the makeover. In two days, we've made good progress and I can't wait for next weekend to get to the fun part - decorating!


Wood paneling, flourescent lights (ick!) and an old brown door in some serious need of a paint job...


Fluorescent lights replaced with an industrial pendant, and walls have been painted white. And guess what! Turns out the old brown door has a window that was painted over. The hubbie scraped off all the paint so I now can make a pretty curtain for the window :)

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