Sunday, August 22, 2010

Project of the day: Nautical Napkins


Next week, Evan and I are heading to see some of our best friends in Boston. They have a beautiful home and a recently renovated kitchen, so I made some napkins to go with some other goodies for their new kitchen.

Lovely day

We woke up early this morning and strolled down to South Pearl St. to check out the farmers market and get breakfast at one of our most favorite little places - Gaia Bistro.

While we were waiting to be seated, I had a chance to peek around. Gaia is located in an old victorian house, so all the tables are spread throughout the house in various small rooms, making it really cozy and full of character. 

At the counter, they have two really cool "whisk" shaped light fixtures that I'm in love with.

The home style details are what make Gaia such a cozy, delightful place to eat. I love the pressed red and white vintage-style cloth napkins and old miniature bundt pans filled with freshly baked pumpkin bread. 

A ripe plum from Gaia's backyard
All of Gaia's produce comes from their backyard, which is full of seasonal goodies that inspire the constantly changing menu. If you're ever in Denver, this place needs to be on your list.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

And now the details...

Wire Metal bookshelf, $150 (moving sale special!) - Old Glory Antiques

This red bench was what my MIL would call an "alley find" (they are the best!). Found in our alley a few years ago, and turned from junky to rustic after some sanding and red paint. I keep my treasured old issues of Martha Stewart Living, Domino (sniff, sniff) and Real Simple in magazine holders (that are begging to be replaced) for reference.

House number metal pots - a gift from my MIL from Anthropologie (no longer available)

3x5 Rug, $19.99 - Liz Lange for Target  Pendant, $35 - Old Glory Antiques

An old industrial desk that was left in our shed by the previous owner. After the cobwebs and dust were removed, I realized how much character this thing has! It's also got built in electrical and an overhead light, which will be great for sewing.
Numbered mugs - Anthropologie (no longer on website, but I've seen them in stores!)
Lantern, $4.99 - Ikea

Stool, a hand-me-down from my in-laws
Sailboat model, purchased at Frank's Fisherman on our honeymoon in San Fransisco

Bye-bye shed, hello studio!



Friday, August 13, 2010

Oh I want you so badly...dear flat file

Recently I've seen so many uses for flat files - coffee tables, craft stations, etc. I love the idea of using an old vintage flat file as my sewing table, and storing all my fabrics in its drawers. I'm especially in love with this beauty from Factory 20 (and wildly jealous of the lucky person who bought it!):

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My little shed

Inspired by Tales of a Junkaholic's fab shed to studio makeover, I decided it was time to give my poor, neglected shed some attention. For the three years we've been in our house, our shed has been a contestant for a gardening shed, man room and even a miniature brewery, but these things must not have been in it's future, because last week it was clear that it was destined to be my very own little place to create. My sewing machine will finally have a home!

This weekend was the start of the makeover. In two days, we've made good progress and I can't wait for next weekend to get to the fun part - decorating!


Wood paneling, flourescent lights (ick!) and an old brown door in some serious need of a paint job...


Fluorescent lights replaced with an industrial pendant, and walls have been painted white. And guess what! Turns out the old brown door has a window that was painted over. The hubbie scraped off all the paint so I now can make a pretty curtain for the window :)