Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Brussels faves...

After a delightful holiday in Brussels and an ever so swift start to 2011 I'm just now getting the chance to sit down, go through my pictures and share some of Belgium with you. If you ever get a chance to visit, see below for some of my favorites!
Downtown Brussels Favorites:
  • Waffles. Anywhere. Well, make sure you don't go to a sit down place. But truly - any street vendor selling waffles will do. Avoid the fruit-filled ones - you simply can't go wrong sticking with the original "vanille" gaufre. Once you experience the buttery crunch of the exterior and the caramelized bits of sugar you will melt.
  • Sablon area. This is a gorgeous square in Brussels home to several antique stores (hello window shopping) and home decor shops, including my favorite Comptoir de Famille. I wanted to take pictures inside this shop so badly - the old wooden floors, exposed brick walls, and beautiful arrangement of goods for the home, but I was instructed by the shop owners that photographs are "forbidden"! Also worth checking out is the famous Pierre Marcolini chocolatier. But if you are hungry, I suggest buying your chocolate at a different chocolatier (Neuhaus is a good one) as Pierre Marcolini's exclusive chocolate displays will remind you of being inside a jewelry store. Some chocolates even contain gold, and are, um, priced accordingly.
Eats, Drinks & Merriment: 
  • Quincaillerie- I admit, the decor and atmosphere of this place is enough to make me love it regardless of the food. Luckily, this old hardware store turned restaurant boasts a menu that is just as glorious as its interior. - Rue du Page, Brussels
  • Mykonos - There is a street right off the Grande Place that we affectionately call "Pita Street". It is basically a row of authentic Greek gyros shops. There is nothing fancy about this food, but it is the best gyros sandwich you could eat. Everyone has their favorite spot, and mine is Mykonos. Order the traditional gyro sandwich and add feta cheese. Something they do here that is different from the U.S. is add a delicious cabbage that is the perfect match with the delicious gyros meat. Yum! - Rue du Marche aux Fromages 8, Brussels 
  • Kriek - A cherry lambic-style beer that is just wonderful. And for those looking for a stronger, less fruity beer - my husband couldn't get enough of Westmalle Trippel.

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